Financial obligation, dormers, and rejection

Another colonial Williamsburg shed …

This would be a fantastic starter home, charming, well built, and any financial obligation developed would be easy to pay off, then save adequate money to expand the house as one can manage it. Forget the banks!Think small,

believe quality, believe debt free!I once had a designer mention to me that the tops of the windows must always be at the very same height as the top of the doors. Hmmm … this house got away with breaking that rule don’t you think?This is the boot and shoemaker store at Colonial Williamsburg. Who would not desire to report to work in such a great building with a large window to watch on what is going on outside?Notice that it has one

dormer window. Simply one. This is not the only building in CW with a single dormer.I fought with this single dormer try to find a while … I think we are in some way trained to view dormers as things that are available in sets … and not as”stand-alones”. With time, I got an excellent gratitude for the cyclops look … after all, one was all that was needed … two, would have been too many on such a small building.This is “said to be “the carpenters and joiners house

in Colonial Williamsburg.But I know that is not the case.As a carpenter myself I can confidently say that no carpenter ever completes his own house (much like

the cobbler his kids have no shoes). This home is clearly finished … for that reason it can not be a carpenter’s house. lol Originally posted 2015-09-01 13:29:52. The post

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… with Noah Bradley.

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