60 DAYS: Trump Lowered Debt by $100 Billion– Obama Increased Financial Obligation By $400 Billion

The numbers are in – as of March 16th, President Trump has cut the US debt by $100 billion.

Yes, that’s right. In the first 2 months of Donald J. Trump’s presidency, he’s cut debt by nearly $100 billion. Compared to Obama’s $400 billion INCREASE in his first 2 months, this is absolutely incredible—he truly is making America great again.

According to the US Treasury, on January 20th, the day of President Trump’s inauguration, the US Debt stood at $19,947 billion. As of March 16th, the most recent date on record for the US debt, it’s now at $19,846 billion.

In other words, Trump has reduced the debt by roughly $101 billion in less than 2 months in office, according to the chart below:

trump debt

Contrast this with President Obama’s presidency, in which he increased the US debt burden by more than $400 billion during his first 2 months in office—from January 20th, 2009 to March 19th, 2009.

Obama increased the US debt by roughly 3.9% during his first 2 months, because apparently somehow being deeply in debt is good for the economy (according to liberals). In addition to this, he launched the TRILLION dollar stimulus bill, which did anything BUT.

Just this stimulus bill alone helped catapult Obama’s first year in office to a near $1.4 trillion dollars in debt…and that’s not even counting his full 8 years, which literally DOUBLED our deficit. If I had to choose between Obama and Trump, I’d choose Trump every single day of the year.

See the chart below:

trump debt obama debt

As Trump picks up more and more steam, expect the rate of debt decrease to grow exponentially. In Trump’s first month, he dropped the debt by $12 billion. In the second month? It went down a whopping $88 billion more. What will happen his third month? Or his fourth month?

Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure…we’re making America great again!

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