Student Debt And Suicide

In this edition of our series Weapon Stories, Dick speaks to Larry Mullens, who was fired from his paper mill job in Oklahoma since he kept a pistol in his locked truck in the parking lot.Hassina Sherjan,

a regular visitor from Afghanistan, tells Dick that Kabul has gotten safer, which she often heads out in the evening for poetry recitals.Today, Dick Gordon remains in Haiti.

He’s finding out how and where people are living, two years after the earthquake. He starts at one of the biggest refugee camps outside of Port au Prince, Camp Canaan, where he fulfills the man who is both pastor and regional president. And he ends up at a dance practice in Cite Soleil, where young males challenge the past and reach for a better future to the beat of hip hop.Alex Chadwick hung out recently talking with the leaders of Occupy

Wall Street in New York City. He provides an insider’s take a look at the young people who are wishing for change.