Greek Stocks Have Actually Soared As EU Officials Mean Future Debt Relief

Those debt relief funds almost all go to settle the payments due on previous bailout loans. Kicking the can down the road while the country of Greece is savaged by attacking armies of looters purchasing up tough assets like ports and buildings at fire price. Remember the boat individuals swarming Greece from Middle East battle zone, regrettable migrants without any abilities other than stealing and begging.And so it begins. All debt

will have to be cleared before it is all said and done. Obviously, there will be wars, however, GREECE DEBT DEAL IS OFF! Germany stops bail out requiring MORE

austerity and pension cuts. GERMANY says it will not support a bail out offer for Greece until it presses through laws to cut pensions and cause more austerity on its people. The nation released a clarification the other day saying that no offer had actually

been reached till Greece passes laws to mandate as much as 18 percent in pension cuts.Greek ministers emerged from 12-hour talks in Athens on Tuesday to announce a deal had been reached with the nation’s leaders.They were supported in their rhetoric by European Union commissioner

Pierre Moscovici who provided a statement lauding the apparent agreement.He stated:”The contract reached over night in Athens on the Greek Stability Assistance Program is a really favorable development following months of complex settlements “. Now< a href= rel=nofollow > German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble who

is meeting with European financing ministers in Malta later on this month has actually clarified the scenario saying no deal has actually been reached.And he has given Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras a final notice that he do what the nation orders him to do or the offer is off.Of course the relief may come at the price of a

one off wealth tax. That will burry the Greek economy for the next ten thousand years, however who cares.Remember not so long ago all the grief and anxst over Greece and bailouts and all that stuff … now it is a far-off

and faint memory ’cause ‘they’repaired everything… just add more debt and all the problems are resolved! 27 %joblessness, severely increased taxes, more layoffs in the horizon

, pensions cut drastically, 50 %of Greek society now officially living under the EU’S main poverty line, banks still with capital controls and soon in requirement of yet another recapitalization all sound excellent needs to buy Greek stocks, no?No, its’Greek

Stocks Soar As Lucy Assures Not To Pull Away Football, For Reals This Time, And Stupid Greeks Succumb To It Yet Agai n’There, fixed it for you. * Sigh! * I think I cannot blame folks like the Greeks, who seem so intention on fucking themselves over, from what? Regret? Sense of commitment? Fear of trading frying pan for fire?

I have no idea. All I do understand is that this is not special to the Greeks. This same dynamic is seen all over the world, and throughout history too …

this is well-trod surface here.I think the Occam’s Razor technique is constantly a great location to start, so it seeks to me as though there are a lot of excellent, normal, hard-working folks(with households )out there who live in really undesirable scenarios, however hesitate to ‘rock the boat ‘at this time since to them, the fear of the unknown is still greater than the amount of all the unpleasantness they have actually endured up until now … I guess the only question we must be asking is what occurs when that changes. Undoubtedly if you keep stacking on, ultimately you will tip the scales, and all those folks will start to fear the status quo, and see the ‘representatives of change ‘, whoever they are, as their salvation instead. This is already beginning to take place, in other nations,(says the lady from the country that simply elected Trump)however ultimately it

will reach Greece too.Of course, it appears like Trump hasn’t been carrying out as assured on the packaging, but if he switches on individuals who chose him, I think it would strengthen resolve amongst the disaffected, and we could see a lot more extreme candidates installed in the future. TPTB may be attempting to walk an extremely great line with their management of our President as a method to prevent this.But until the day the ‘Bastille is stormed ‘, many people will

go along to get along, and will tolerate a fantastic amount of abuse before lastly being excited to action. Due to the fact that they are people, and do not desire to risk exactly what little they HAVE. Unless you yank THAT away too, and after that the tables turn rapidly. TPTB are already so near to doing that, and they must fear what occurs next. They will let us have our’Trump’, if we must. They will make sure they get him correctly leashed, and when he pisses on the carpet they will be sure to remind us that WE were the ones that wanted him … Greek debt relief=bridge loan to money more tax parasite Socialist African and Muslim intrusion Seriously that’s the strategy