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Jessica was $14,568 in debt

Freedom Debt Relief offers an innovative Debt Resolution Program which is an aggressive approach to resolving debts. The Freedom Debt Program may be appropriate for people with a serious amount of debt or who are considering debt consolidation, credit counseling or bankruptcy. Our approach utilizes a strategy called debt settlement or debt resolution to negotiate reduced balance settlements on your individual accounts, one by one. The program s goal is to find the optimal debt relief solution to lower your debts, help you deal with your creditors, and get you on the road to financial freedom.

Freedom Debt Relief will work closely with you to evaluate your options and then customize a program that meets your financial goals. If you choose to enroll in a Freedom Debt Relief Program, Freedom charges a fee that depends on a number of things, including your home state, the amount of debt you are enrolling, and other factors. But, in general, if you enroll in a standard 36 month program, in most cases your fee works out to approximately 6-8% of your total enrolled debt per year. And the most important thing to remember is that there is absolutely NO FEE RISK to you – we guarantee that you will pay NO FEES for your debt relief services until we successfully resolve a debt for you.

Even better than simply saving money with a low program payment is that once the final settlement payment is made on your personalized debt relief program, your accounts will be satisfied – meaning you will no longer have any of your original debt outstanding. If resolving unsecured debts in as little as 24-48 months sounds good, give one of our debt consultants a call to discuss your specific situation, and what a customized Freedom Debt Program could look like for you.*